All your bank accounts, in one place

Kresus is a free & libre personal management software which runs on your server. It automatically retrieves every day all your new bank transactions and lets you categorize them, study them through charts and establish a budget.

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All your accounts in a glance!

Find all your accounts in a common interface and check their balance in a glance!

Global UI screenshot

Master your budget!

You can easily configure email alerts when an operation's amount is over a threshold or on your account balance to warn you in case of major events on your accounts.

Monthly view screenshot

Sort, rename and find your operations!

  • Set your own labels, farewell to "Check n°168468"!
  • Sort your operations by categories
  • Search within your transactions, by time period, category, amount or date!

Categories view screenshot


Track your operations in a glance with per categories charts, per period charts and per operation type (income / outcome) charts.

Charts view screenshot

Libre, self-hostable and personal!

Who would feel comfortable sharing their banking credentials online with perfect strangers?

Banking data is extremely personal. It reflects entire parts of our daily and intimate life: what we buy, who we are, what we do.

Because nobody else than you should know about these data, Kresus is a libre, open-source and self-hostable software.

To ensure you get the most accurate and up to date information automatically, Kresus uses another libre and active project, Woob, which takes care of scrapping data from your banking website.

With Kresus, you are in total control over both the software and your data!

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