Daily use

My account balance is incorrect in Kresus. What should I do?

This can happen from time to time has the underlying software used by Kresus, Weboob, only gives an instantaneous view of the banking data from your bank website, while Kresus tries to reconstruct the entire history. If data provided by your bank are not coherent across time (some data change), then the balance of one of your accounts might be incorrect in Kresus.

We advise you have a look at the "Duplicate" section in Kresus. If some operations seem to be duplicates, this page will show them and you will be able to merge them, by hand, to get back a correct balance. However, the way of doing it is quite rudimentary and some operations marked as duplicates could actually not be duplicates. It is not possible to cancel the merge of two operations, hence take care when removing duplicates!

In the future, it will be possible to cancel the merge of duplicates. Automatic detection and merge of duplicates should also be greatly improved.


I use Cozy. How are my banking data stored in Kresus?

If you use Kresus in CozyCloud, your password is encrypted using your CozyCloud password; someone trying to read your password from the database would only see a bunch of bits. As long as you don't log in your Cozy, the password is unreadable, even by Kresus. As soon as you log in, it will be decrypted and stored in memory (by Cozy), making it available to Kresus.

I use the standalone version of Kresus (outside of Cozy). How are my banking data stored in Kresus?

If you use the standalone version of Kresus, we assume you know how to secure your server. No data will be encrypted and this mode, not even your banking password. Then, we advise you encrypt the hard disk on which Kresus is installed, or you containerize the web service, or you use any such mean to secure your password. In the future, the password might be stored encrypted in this mode as well.

Why should I give my banking password to Kresus?

To fetch banking operations from your bank website, Kresus fakes a web browser (thanks to Weboob) and then login to your bank website using your credentials. This lets him fetch your banking data, in an automated way, every night, without any action from your part.

Why does Kresus does not support two-factor authentication?

As Kresus logs in your bank website the same way as you would do through your browser, but it does it every night, it should ask you every time to type your two-factor authentication login, which is an obvious issue : Kresus would no longer be autonomous.

About Kresus

I have a question which is not in this list but should be, in my opinion.

Great! Please ask it on our community website or open an issue on our bug tracker directly. If you have a beginning of answer, it's even better! If you are wondering about something, chances are you are not the only one!

How to report a bug?

Kresus is made by humans, and can then have some bugs! If you ever find an issue while using Kresus, feel free to open an issue on our bug tracker. Try to include as much information as you can on your setup: do you use Kresus within CozyCloud or not? Which Weboob version are you using? What are the steps to reproduce the bug? The more information we have, the greater the changes to see the bug fixed quickly!

I'd like to have a new feature.

We are never short of ideas, and they are always greatly appreciated! You can also open an issue for a feature request and even start to implement it! Maintainers are always happy to help someone get started working on Kresus.

Who are you?

Kresus being a libre software, we are a communauty of developpers to code it. We are not affiliated in anyways to CozyCloud or Weboob and are independant developpers, interested in libre softwares and personal finance managers.